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Import contact and company details

Import your customers along with their details to Bitrix24 in just a few clicks. Consider an example of importing a list of companies with their details in this article.

Step 1. Prepare for import

  1. Go to CRM, expand the Customers tab, and select Companies.

  2. Click the gear button and select Import companies.

  3. Tick .

  4. Download the import file example. This file includes the fields needed to fill in the details. If you don't tick the Import details option, the file will not display them.
    Import to Bitrix24 CRM

  5. Open the downloaded file. Fill in the information about companies, including their details.

Step 2. Import your file to Bitrix24

Choose the file you want to upload.

Select the column separator (1) and the default import template (2).

These are the most important parameters to fulfill the company details import. Learn more about other parameters here.

Then click Next.

After that, configure field mapping. The system performs an automatic check to match fields with the same name in the file and CRM.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the example of the import data. Click Next after checking the information.

Decide how to handle duplicates on the Duplicate control tab. Then click Next.

Click Done to finish the import.

All the entered information appears in the company form. If there are the details of the head office and branch, you can select which details to use in sales documents.

Match import file templates

The set of imported details may differ depending on the details template type you choose. Details templates are pre-made sets of fields. For example, there are details templates for companies and persons.
Contact or company details templates

In the Details import parameters section, several options can help you match your file details with templates.

Find their description below and learn in which cases to use them.

Default import template: Select the appropriate template from the drop-down list. This option is useful if you have, for example, a file with company details only.

: Enable this option to import both company and person details. You need to specify the name of the required template for each record in your file.

: Enable this option to match templates using the template IDs and speed up the import process. You need to specify the template ID for each record in your file.

How to learn the template ID?

To find the template ID,

  1. Go to CRM > CRM > CRM settings.

  2. On the Start point tab, click Contact or Company Details Templates.

  3. Add the ID column to the table and see the value of each template.

: Bitrix24 will try to use the default template specified above. This increases the chances of importing company details successfully.

If templates don't match, you get an error message and the company is not imported.
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