Getting started with Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a set of tools for work that can be adapted to the company needs. It does not matter if you work with clients, partners, or implement projects inside your company. In this article, we are going to tell you how to implement Bitrix24 and work as efficiently as possible.

In Bitrix24, you can create collaborative projects, set tasks by templates or by the Scrum method, schedule meetings in your calendar, make video conferences, and create a knowledge base for newcomers.

In CRM, you can:

  • store customer data and the entire communication history, including SMS and calls;
  • close deals and analyze information with Bitrix24.BI-Analytics;
  • set up automation rules to keep your business running regardless of holidays and weekends.

Register your Bitrix24

To start working in Bitrix24, you need to register your Bitrix24 account. You can sign up completely free of charge on the Bitrix24 site.
Register a Bitrix24 account

Enter your company name and address

Don't forget to specify your company name to make your Bitrix24 more personalized. You can also change the domain. That way, if you have several Bitrix24 accounts, you will definitely open the right one.
Change Bitrix24 address and connect your domain

When you register Bitrix24, the domain name is assigned to the account randomly. The name of the account can be renamed once for free on all plans. Repeated renaming of the domain is available only on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Create your own unique Bitrix24

You can set the main tool, a company design theme, as well as customize the left menu for all employees.

Invite your colleagues

Add colleagues to your Bitrix24 and work as a team.
Invite new users to Bitrix24

Fill in your profile

Add photos to your page and specify your personal information. Also, get to know your colleagues better through their pages.
Profile page

Set up the company structure

When the team is formed, it's time to distribute all the employees in the company structure.
Company structure

Say hello to your colleagues in Feed

Communication is the most important aspect for a modern company. Post a message for your colleagues in Feed.

Add messages to Feed

You can also talk to your colleagues in the chat room.
General chat

Adjust account settings

If you want to set the date format for the account, specify weekends, set access permissions, and configure other parameters, you can do it in the Settings section in the left menu.
Bitrix24 Settings

Configure Bitrix24 tools

You can organize work in workgroups or projects. There is an option to make the project opened or closed and specify the deadline.
Workgroups and projects

Select a responsible person for the task, set the deadline, and add necessary files and documents.
Create a task

You can also use the Scrum method. Organize the work of a scrum team and use chats and meetings for communication.

Before you start working in CRM, you need to select the mode. There are two types of mode: with or without leads.
Switch CRM mode

If you have a large customer base and want to organize it, then you can transfer all the data to Bitrix24 CRM.
Import to Bitrix24 CRM

It is very important to customize CRM for your business. You can customize directories, email templates, configure access rights, etc.

Create your business card site. Describe your company and indicate its values. That way, you'll attract new customers, and the old ones will become even more loyal, learning more about you and your mission.
Create your site in Bitrix24.Sites

Activate trial

Bitrix24 free version is limited in functionality. But you can connect a 15-day trial period, and then you will have full access to all the tools of the Professional plan.
Free 15-day trial

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