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Add a new deal


To add a new deal go to CRM > Deals & click either on Add tab or on + icon below the Deals:

A new deal form consists of 2 main blocks: About (main deal information) & More (additional information & custom fields):

About Deal: add deal name, amount (will be changed automatically when you add products to the deal), stage (can be easily changed via colorful stages top panel), end date. Here you can also connect deal to contact or company - click Select to connect to one of the existing contacts or companies, or choose Create to add a new one. 

More: this section contains available to everyone option (important - may influence access rights), responsible person, comment. Here you can add custom fields via Add Field tab:

Add field name & set custom field conditions: multiple or required:
Deal Page Section
Switch between main section via top panel: 
  • General (main deal information & Activities)
  • Quotes (generate quotes based on products added to the deal)
  • Invoices (create invoices & see amount of paid invoices)
  • Workflows (business processes configured for the CRM deals from CRM > Settings > Automation > Business Processes)
  • History

If contact or company connected to the deal has contacts deals (phone number, email address or messenger) - the deal form will show the call, email & messenger options active:

Deal page Settings allows to move deal between pipelines, copy or delete deal, reset settings (reset deal form to the default view), reset or save preferences for all users. 

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