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Add new contacts

You can store an unlimited number of contacts in your Bitrix24 account. Please note that your contacts may have files attached - please make sure you have enough free storage space.

How to add a new contact

There are several ways to add contacts in Bitrix24:

  • Click CRM > Contacts > Add.
  • Click CRM > Companies > select a company > Create > Contact. In this case, the new contact will be automatically bound with the selected company.
  • Using Client field in a lead or a deal form.
    Read more in the article - CRM elements forms.

Also, you can import contacts or get new contacts using CRM web forms.

New contact form

By default, it's enough to enter the contact's first and last name.

In About contact section, you can add the main information about the client - first, last and second names, photo, date of birth.

Then you can enter a client's phone number, email address, website and messengers.

You can add an extension number when specifying a phone number. Use ; or # to separate the phone number and the extension number.

You can bind a contact to a company by selecting or creating a new company in the corresponding section.

Next, you can add contact details (banking details and address).

Read more in the article - Contact or company details templates.

"More" section

In More section, you can select contact type, source, and add a comment.

Available to everyone option allows any user to work with this contact.

Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

If you don't need to export this contact, just deactivate Use when exporting contacts option.

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