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Extension numbers for employees

Configure extension numbers for your employees. Your clients will be able to call a specific employee by dialing the employee's extension. Also, it enables call forwarding from one employee to the other.

How to configure extension numbers

In Bitrix24:

  1. Click Telephony > Connection > Configure telephony > Telephony users > select an employee > click the actions menu button > Configure and specify the extension number: You need to have sufficient access permissions to configure extension numbers. By default, the administrator has these access permissions.
  2. Or you can specify the employee's extension number by editing the user's profile:

SIP phones:

If the employee uses a SIP phone, you need to select Connected in the SIP Phone section when configuring the extension number in Bitrix24. Also, use the data provided in this section for phone configuration. Password can be edited.

When the employee is dismissed, the SIP phone will be disconnected from this user, and the specified extension number will be inactive (you can use this extension number for the other user). Calls won't be forwarded to this number.

An extension number cannot contain more than four digits.

External calls to internal extension

To call to a specific employee, your client needs to dial the phone number > dial ; or # > employee's extension.

If the IVR is enabled, an extension is processed before processing action buttons of the voice menu.

You need to configure Hold music: Greeting to process extension numbers correctly.

Internal calls and call forwarding

There are two ways your Bitrix24 employees can call each other using Bitrix24 tools:

  • Via Bitrix24 Messenger Web, Desktop and Mobile app using WebRTC technology.
  • By dialing the extension number.

Clients will be able to call to the specific employee, or the call can be forwarded to this employee if the user has an extension number specified and the Extension number processing option is enabled for this number in the Inbound call routing section.

Important: internal calls are not recorded.
Read more in the article - Internal calls between employees.
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