Main Bitrix24 tools

Bitrix24 is a united work space which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks. In this article you will learn about the main Bitrix24 features and how you can benefit from them.

Chat and Calls

The Bitrix24 messenger allows you not only to communicate with colleagues in chats, but also to participate in video conferences and connect with clients via open channels. You can create the unlimited number of private and group chats to discuss ideas and transfer files.

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Bitrix24 provides you with efficient tools for task management. Set tasks, specify deadline, attach files, track task time and control employees efficiency.

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You can also work with tasks according to the Scrum method. Here you can quickly organize the work of a scrum team with the help of regular meetings.

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Bitrix24 calendar can help you plan your work day and reserve meeting rooms. You can create events and use the planner to select the most convenient date and time for all the attendees.

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Workgroups and projects

Create workgroups and combine tasks in projects. In Bitrix24 you can organize teamwork and effective communication in workgroups, set their privacy level according to your needs.

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Bitrix24.Drive and Online documents

Bitrix24.Drive is a centralized access point for all files in Bitrix24 that you want to work with. Several users can edit the same file simultaneously, the changes will be saved in real time. All your personal files as well as shared folders and documents that you’ve been given access to are located in a single place.

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With Bitrix24 CRM, you will be able to acquire leads from different sources, manage all your contacts and deals, automate your business processes, keep the history of communication with clients. Before starting work with CRM, choose the way you want to work with it and select the corresponding CRM mode.

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If you have a large client base, you can import the data to CRM.

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Time and Reports

The time management system provides work time automatic calculation and summary. In addition, work reports will allow to check on the work being done by employees.

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Sites and stores

Using Bitrix24.Sites, you can create a corporate site, online store, landing page or a simple business card website to attract new clients.

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Mobile app

Install Bitrix24 mobile app for the convenient work from your smartphone. It is free free for any Bitrix24 user and available for iOS & Android.

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Desktop app

The all-in-one Desktop app is optimized to work with Bitrix24 services in the built-in browser. Audio and video calls, chats, CRM, Webmail, Analytics, Workgroups, Drive - all these features can be used in the free Bitrix24 Desktop app!

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