Automation rules: "Respect the responsible person working hours" option

We have added a new option to the Automation rules settings. Now you can take into account the working time of the responsible employee, i.e. the automation rule will pause until the employee starts the working day or returns from a break.

This option is worth using when the automation rule has to send a message or an email to a customer. If you planned to send a message in a few days. If the manager is on vacation or takes a day off, he/she won't be able to answer the client's questions, and the deal may not get closed.

You can select this option only if worktime reporting option is available on your plan and it is enabled in the account settings.
Read more information in the article: Worktime.

Click Run and select the Respect the responsible person working hours option.

The option takes into account only the working hours of the employee responsible for the entity. If the worktime reporting option is also enabled, the automation rule will start if both of these conditions are met.

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