Proactive CRM

Thanks to the new sales concept, you will always be up to date on leads and deals, and your employees will complete all the activities on time. Proactive CRM will help newcomers quickly get up to speed. Experienced managers can organize the work process better. Supervisors can easily control employee activities.

If there are a lot of deals, sometimes it's hard to know which lead or deal to start working with. It is very important to be able to prioritize tasks. Bitrix24 solves these problems. The CRM now helps you plan work with the customers and reminds you in time what needs to be done.

The supervisor no longer needs a huge report on the work of employees. It is enough to open the CRM and look at the counters. He/She will immediately understand who did not call back to the customer, how many planned activities each employee has, who missed the deadlines, and so on. This way the work process can be controlled at all stages.

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What is Proactive CRM

A new option for viewing and sorting leads and deals is the Activities view. The entities are automatically divided into stages depending on the activity duration.

Read more information in the article: Activities view in Deals and Leads.

We have also changed the counters according to the Proactive CRM concept. Now you can prioritize tasks and always know the customers who need to be contacted today and who are waiting for your call next week.

Read more in the article: New counters of activities.

CRM has the Smart Activities option. If a lead/deal does not have any planned activities, the CRM will prompt you to create one.

Read more in the article: Deal smart activities.

We have also added the Focus mode option. It is the behavior of leads and deals that causes them to go up in the kanban view.

Read more in the article: Focus mode.

We have changed the logic of processing open channels in CRM. When you open the CRM, you will immediately see which request needs your attention.

Read more in the article: New logic for open channel processing in CRM.

In addition, we help you not to lose missed calls by adding the status directly to the form in Kanban, as well as incoming calls that were not easy to find before. We believe that even after a successful call, it is important to decide whether further action on the deal is required and whether the activity needs to be scheduled or whether the call can be completed.

Read more in the article: New logic for call processing in CRM.

We have changed the timeline: added sorting of activities by date and system messages that set information about the event in the entity.

Read more in the article: New timeline.

We have also made work with activities easier. You could plan a call or a meeting, but you couldn't schedule sending a contract, because there was no such activity before. Now you can schedule any activity that is related to the customer in the entity form.

Read more in the article: Smart activity.

Proactive CRM in Bitrix24 mobile app will help you keep track of deals, even if you do not have a laptop at hand.

What does Proactive CRM include

The counters draw attention to the activity only when it is time to do it. The red counter will light up 15 minutes before the deadline, and the green counter will light up as soon as you receive an incoming request.

The Inbound counter shows all unprocessed incoming calls. Such as: chat with client, incoming or missed call.

The Planned counter shows entities where the activity is overdue. The counter has already lit up and there is less than 15 minutes to the deadline.

The mobile CRM has Smart activities. If a deal or a lead does not have a single scheduled activity, the CRM will prompt you to create one.

There is a new option in the mobile CRM: Focus mode. The entities go up to the top of the list if there is an incoming request or there are 15 minutes left until the deadline.

When you open the CRM, you will immediately see what entities require your attention first.

In addition, we help you not to lose missed calls by adding the status directly to the form, as well as incoming calls.

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