Drive Cleanup

Bitrix24.Drive is a key tool for document collaboration and storage. It is important to monitor your available space to prevent inconvenient work disruptions. You don't need any additional services to identify space-consuming files. Bitrix24 has a Drive Cleanup option that helps you safely remove unnecessary files. Explore how to use it and optimize your storage effortlessly.

Scan your Drive

To see what is currently stored on your Drive,

  1. Go to Bitrix24.Drive.

  2. Open the Drive Cleanup tab.

  3. Click the Start Scan button.

Once the scan is done, you'll view the page with information on the occupied drive space. At the top of the section, you will see how much space is totally used, as well as the total number of files. The chart below shows the space usage statistics on a tool-by-tool basis.

Note that a regular user can see the information only on My Drive files and folders. Account administrators have access to all account folders and personal drives.

Run safe cleanup

One of the main functions of the page is Safe Cleanup. It helps you delete unnecessary files from your Drive without affecting any other data. These files are divided into two sections:

  • Unused: Includes previous file versions kept for recovery. Remove unused versions safely to free up space.

  • Recycle bin: Includes all the deleted files moved to the Recycle bin. Empty the Recycle bin to free up space.

Select what you'd like to delete and run safe cleanup.

Use extra options in Expert mode

Switch to Expert Mode to get more details on the use of space. Click the corresponding button in the top right corner to do it.

The data is presented in the table. Click the gear button in the heading to customize the view. Also, you can run safe cleanup for selected sections. Just use the corresponding option in the Actions menu under the table.

Another handy option for account administrators is sending notifications. If an employee has too much space occupied with unused versions or old files, you can send them a notification asking to free space. To do this,

  1. Tick a user on the list.

  2. Click Select action at the bottom.

  3. Select Send notification, then click Apply.

In brief

  • Use the Drive Cleanup option to identify unnecessary files and safely remove them.

  • Scan your Drive to see what is currently stored on it.

  • Run safe cleanup to delete unnecessary files from your Drive without affecting any other data.

  • Switch to Expert Mode to get more details on the use of space and access additional options.

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