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Lead Statuses

Lead progress through the CRM can be easily tracked with the lead statuses - Unassigned (for new leads with no responsible user assigned), Waiting for Details, Cannot Contact, In Progress, On Hold (when you need to take a pause with the lead), Restored, Converted (when you converted the lead to contact, company or deal) or Junk Lead (failed).

The status can be set during new lead creation, imported as field's value and changed when the lead progresses through the CRM:

You can edit existing statuses here - CRM > Settings > Start point > Statuses & Dropdowns > Lead Statuses. Here you can edit status name, change color, reorder statuses or add new ones.

If you'd like to analyze your Junk Leads - add more options to Junk Leads statuses - e.g. too expensive, poor quality, too complicated, etc.

When you get finished with the lead choose "complete lead" status to open lead handling menu. Now you can:
  • Generate new CRM items from your lead - e.g. contact, company, deal (in other words convert lead).
  • Mark lead as Junk: if you have additional statuses for Junk leads configured in CRM settings, here the system will suggest to choose failed lead status:
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