Contacts in Bitrix24 contain detailed information about a client and are used when creating deals.

How to work with contacts

Click CRM > Contacts.

There is a search bar at the top of the page that you can use for searching contacts or filtering contacts list.

Read more about searching in Bitrix24 CRM in the article - Search in Bitrix24 CRM.

Click the cogwheel button to import or export contacts and perform a duplicate control.

Contacts list

In the Contacts list, you can view the main information about your clients - name, activities, responsible and creation date.

You can click the cogwheel button to configure which information is displayed in the contacts list.

You can switch to Reports view if needed.

There is a big variety of reports in this section that helps you to analyze your work with contacts.

Click any contact in the list to view more information about the client.

Read more in the article - CRM elements forms.

Available actions

You can perform basic actions with a contact - view, edit, copy, delete. Also, you can plan an activity or create a new CRM element (deal, quote or invoice).

If you need to perform an action with several contacts, just select them and click select action button.

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