File Revision History

File revision history is available to CRM+, Project+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only. The time period for unused files version storage depends on your plan. Read more here - Cloud pricing.

When you work with files, it may be important to know who has modified the file, when, and what modifications have been made. You can get all of that with the Revision History option. 

You can go to the file Revision History right from the file menu:

The Revision History section will show:

  • users who made modifications on the file
  • modification date
  • file size & name

One of the most important options is that you can Restore Previous Version of the file:

New versions are recorded automatically each time you edit the file in the cloud. If you have made modifications outside Bitrix24 & need to add a new file version, go to Details section and use Upload New Version option.

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