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Bitrix24 Drive options


  1. 1. Open files via locally installed apps or in the cloud:

    You can choose the way you are going to work with your documents in Drive Settings – Document handling parameters - Locally or in the Cloud:

    Important: To enable the optimal method for editing and accessing documents from your computer, you need to install the Desktop app and enable Bitrix24 Drive synchronization.

    Click on the file in Bitrix24 - the file will be automatically opened in locally installed applications on your computer. Please remember – open this way files won’t be saved at your computer, to save them please click "save to Bitrix24 Drive" (if Bitrix24 disk is enabled – the files will be automatically synchronized to Bitrix24 folder at your computer) or "download".

  2. 2. Default folders in My Bitrix24 Drive:

    Downloads: all files you add as attachments to the tasks or Activity Stream messages are stored in My Drive>Downloads. Files located in this folder are hidden from other users and are available for the Drive owner only, other users can access these files via tasks or messages they are attached to.
    Please note - this folder does not synchronize with the local Bitrix24 folder on your computer.
    Please note - if you delete files form the Downloads folder, these files won’t be deleted from the tasks or messages they are attached to.

    Stored (Saved files): this folder contains files from Bitrix24 intranet which you’ve chosen to save to Bitrix24 Drive:

    Created Online: here you will find files you have created in Bitrix24 from scratch (e.g. from Activity Stream messages or create New Document from Drive section).

    Imessenger: files sent via Bitrix24 instant messenger can be saved to Drive, these files are located in “imessenger” folder in My Drive.

  3. 3. Connect to Drive option:

    The Connect to Drive option (available for Comapny Drive files and folders) allows to add\connect chosen files & folders to your personal Drive (My Drive):

    If you have My Drive synchronization with your computer enabled - Company Drive files and folders which you've connecetd to My Drive will be synchronized to your computer as well.

  4. 4. Restore deleted Drive files:

    Files you chose to delete are stored in the Recycle Bin of the Drive. You can open it from “Show” menu:

    Your Bitrix24 account administrators can restore deleted files form the file (folder) actions menu:

    To delete your files completely use “empty recycle bin” tab. Please note: only Bitrix24 administrators have access to “empty Recycle bin” or “restore files” options.

  5. 5. Revision history

  6. After the file is uploaded to Bitrix24 or created, it can have multiple revisions by several users who have access to it, all file changes are recorded - and can be found in the Revision History. Open the file to access it:

    All revisions made by you and other users will be shown in the history with the time stamps & users names:

    Important: previous versions of the file are also available - you can download any of them or choose one & restore it:

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