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RingCentral telephony integration app

Integrate your familiar VoIP application into your Bitrix24 account.
Get all the call details right in your CRM entries while keeping the voice traffic in RingCentral.

Installation & Setup

The integration app will only work with RingCentral Premium or higher plans as only those offer access to RingCentral's API.

Starting out

The first step is installing the app from Bitrix24 Market.

After installing the app, you will be offered to log in or register a RingCentral account:

Log in – for existing RingCentral users
Register – to create a new account

You must use the same set of credentials when logging into the integration app running on a desktop or mobile device for the connection to work.

CRM preferences

Admin users have access to setting up the CRM integration preferences:
Non-admin user settings page:

Selecting numbers

Make my outbound calls through number choice depends on whether you need to use your RingCentral's company Main number with extensions or Direct numbers.

  • If you want the Main company number to be used with extensions set in your RingCentral account, let all users choose that option
  • If, on the other hand, your users are assigned Direct numbers, then that's the option to have.

In either case, it's possible to mix and match the options depending on your preferences. The app will or will not attempt to add the extensions depending on your choice.

Finishing up

Lastly, you will need to set the RingCentral Telephony as a default number for outgoing calls in your telephony settings:

You should be good to go at this point :)

To disconnect the integration for a particular user, click Log in by another user on the app's settings page. No need to uninstall the app and re-login everyone back.
The integration uses RingCentral's two-legged RingOut API call, which needs both your RC softphone, web service, or mobile application to be running alongside Bitrix24 to make the connection happen.
Make calls from Bitrix24 by clicking a client's number in CRM:
or by dialing the number directly:
The numbers you dial should conform with E.164 international format with a plus sign. E.g. +1 907-343-6205
When making and receiving calls, you will see the Bitrix24 active call form:
The call itself will take place on the RingCentral side, and you'll click the answer button in the RingCentral app for a call to connect in either case:
There is no answer button on the Bitrix24 active call form since the actual call occurs in the RC app installed on your computer or mobile device. After the call is complete, the integration will pull the call details, including the recordings, to corresponding CRM records in Bitrix24.


Q: Why can I not receive calls in Bitrix. There is no answer button?
A: Bitrix24 does not process the RC voice traffic as it goes through a dedicated app. Therefore, the calls should be answered via the RC desktop or mobile apps. All the call details, including the recordings, will be pulled to Bitrix24 after the call is finished.

Q: How do I enable call recordings?
A: Call recordings will automatically appear in your Bitrix24 account after enabling it in your RingCentral account settings.

Q: Where do I find my call recordings?
A: If the call recording option is enabled in your RingCentral account, you'll find them in the timeline of corresponding CRM elements forms or the Call Details section.

Q: Can I send SMS using the app?
A: No, the app only works with the telephony aspect of RingCentral. Please submit a development request to our support team.

Q: Which RingCentral app does your integration works best with?
A: The integration was originally developed for RingCentral's softphone desktop and mobile apps. It should work okay with the latest RC unified app.

Q: Why is there a delay between my latest call and the information about the call in CRM?
A: The call details upload to Bitrix24 using cron scheduler. Therefore it might take a bit of time for the information to become available in your Bitrix24 account.

Q: Do I need a SIP connector for the app to work?
A: Since it's a Rest API app, you don't need the SIP connector unless you want to connect that way in particular (e.g., to avoid the two-legged connection scenario).

Q: Is it possible to test your app using Sandbox keys? It keeps looping me back to the Log in page.
A: No, the app will only work with the live keys.

Q: Why can I not install the app on my on-premise instance. I am getting Error installing application [...]
A: Please install the Telephony module before installing the app.

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