Smart processes in Bitrix24

Smart process is a customizable type of element in CRM. Before you had to adapt deals, leads or quotes to the company internal processes. Now you can create your own work scenarios.

In the smart processes, you can set up:

  • Pipelines and sales funnels
  • Stages and kanban
  • Automation rules and triggers
  • Default access permissions for pipelines

Create a smart process

To create a smart process, go to CRM > Settings > Smart Processes Automation.

Click Add.

You can select a preconfigured smart process template. The Essentials only and All options selected templates have scripts configured to work with the document list and CRM elements.

In the Empty SPA template, you can make settings to create your own work scenario. Let's take this template as an example of the available options and settings.

Enter the name of the smart process in the SPA components section.

Then select the desired tools to work with the smart process.

Pipelines and sales funnels

You will be able to create multiple pipelines for this smart process, similar to ones in deals.

Read more about work with pipelines and sales funnels in the following articles:

Stages and kanban

This option gives you the ability to create stages and control the elements movement through kanban stages.

Read more about work with kanban in the article Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM

Automation rules and triggers

You can automate your smart process using automation rules and triggers similar to running automation rules and triggers in deals or leads.

Read more about work with automation rules and triggers in the following articles:

Workflow designer

With the help of this option, you can configure your workflow templates to run automatically when you create or modify smart process elements.

Read more information in the article: Business process "autorun when added" option.

Default access permissions for pipelines

If you use pipelines in your smart process, when you create a new one, it will automatically be accessible to all user roles.

In the Smart Process section, add fields for the process card and activate the desired options.

  • Print documents – this option adds the ability to work with documents in the process card.
  • Bind to catalog products – this option allows you to place the product in the process card.
  • Use Recycle Bin – this option includes a bin for process elements.

Configure binding to CRM entities for your process. You can link a smart process to other CRM entities or to other smart processes.

Bind to this SPA

With this option, you can select the CRM entitiess that you want to bind to your smart process.

For example, you can bind Deals to your process. In this case, a field will appear inside the smart process card with a selection from the list of items.

If you use the Add linked items list to details form option, your smart process will appear in the deal card.

Link this SPA to other CRM entities

With this option, you can bind your smart process to available CRM entities.

For example, you can link your smart process to Quotes. In this case, when you work with Quotes, your smart processa will appear in the selection list.

If you use the Add linked items list to details form option, your smart process will appear in the quote card.

You can also link your smart process to other CRM entities, calendars, tasks, and task templates. As a result, you can add entities of your smart process to CRM deals, calendar events, tasks, or task templates.

In the Add to menu section, you can create a separate section in the left menu.

To create a section, click Edit items and specify a name for your section.

Don't forget to save the settings.

Read about work with smart process in the article Example of a smart process work.

How to edit a smart process

Open the Smart Process Automation tab. Here you will see a list of all created processes.

Click the button to the left of the desired process. The list of available actions will appear.

Access permissions to a smart process can be configured in the CRM. Read more information in the article Access Permissions in CRM.
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