Generate quotes & invoices from deals

You can generate new quotes and invoices from the existing deals. Deal's details such as name, associated contacts/companies and attached products will be automatically added to the new quote/invoice form.

How to generate a quote/invoice from the deal

There are 2 ways to generate a quote/invoice from the deal:
  1. From the deals list - click the action menu button > Generate > select Invoice or Quote.

  2. From the particular deal’s details page - click the arrow at the upper right corner > select Invoice or Quote.

If the deal form has insufficient data to populate new record's required fields (e.g., your deal does not have any contact or company association required for the new invoice creation), you may receive this message and be redirected to “edit CRM record form” page:

Just fill the required fields and continue.

The conversion of deals fields to the new quote or invoice is performed automatically. You can finish the process by clicking the Save button or add any other information and save after.

Please note that products associated with the deal are added automatically. But you can still change the quantity, apply a discount or add more products to the new quote or invoice.

Quotes and invoices created from the deal are shown in the deal's details page.

You can track the number of the invoices (quotes) associated with the same deal and manage them easily.

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