How to create an invoice (an old version)

When a deal is closed you need to create an invoice. You can do that easily in Bitrix24 CRM!

How to create an invoice

There are several ways to create an invoice:

  • Generate an invoice from a particular deal

  • Generate an invoice from the deals list

  • Create an invoice in CRM > Inoices section

  • Create an invoice from Contact or Company page

  • Create an invoice from Contacts or Companies list

In any case, you will get to the New invoice form.

How to fill a new invoice form

A new invoice form is divided into blocks:

  • Invoice information

    Here you need to add general information - name, status, payment deadline and responsible person.

    You can read more about statuses customization in the article - Statuses and dropdowns.
  • Payer

    You need to specify a payer in this block. You can select a company or a contact from the list or create a new one.

    You can view brief information about the client after selecting the payer.

  • Payment method

    Select the needed payment method from the list.

    You can read more about payment methods configuration in the article - Payment systems.

    Your company details are also displayed in this block.

    Learn how to add your company details in the article - My Company Details.
  • Recurring payments

    You can make the invoice recurring if you often create the same invoice.

    Read more about Recurring Invoices.
  • Invoice items

    Select products and configure discounts and taxes in this block.

  • Actions with the invoice

    Your invoice is ready. What actions can you perform with it?

    • You can print the invoice and send it to the client by mail
    • Download it as PDF file
    • Send the invoice to the client by e-mail
    • Send the client the invoice link
    • Read more about Online Payment Options.

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