Bitrix24 Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a new Bitrix24 tool, with the help of which you can manage products in stocks, record receipts, sales orders, transfers and write-offs.

Use Inventory Management and all receipts, write-offs and transfers will be documented and displayed in the system. Employees will enter data online, and you will be able to control your business. As a result, there will be fewer shortages, surpluses and thefts, as well as errors during sales and order placement.

How to enable Inventory Management option

Go to the CRM or Sites and stores section and click on the Inventory tab > Inventory management.

On the next page, click on the Enable Inventory Management button.

You can also enable/disable Inventory Management option in the section settings.

If you are already working with products in Bitrix24, you will need to reset the current inventory balances to enable Inventory Management.

Read more in the article Inventory Management: balances reset.

If you do not have any products or just start working in Bitrix24, you can enter products into the system using the stock receipt.

Read more in the article Start working with Inventory Management.

If you keep inventory in other systems, you can import data with the help of Market apps.

How does Inventory Management work?

There are four sections: Inventory, Sales orders, Transfers, Write-offs.

Inventory Management in the Bitrix24 mobile app

Inventory Management is available in the Bitrix24 mobile application. You can work with the documents there.

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