Tables on websites and in knowledge bases

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We have added the ability to use tables on websites, in stores, and knowledge bases. They are suitable for displaying various structured data.

How to add a table

Open the site page in the editor and choose where you want to put the table.

How to add a table to a superblock

Add a text block and save the changes. After that, use the instructions in this article.

In the Actions panel, click the table image.

By default, a table with four columns and rows will be created.

After creating a table, you can change the size.

  • If you want to add columns or rows, click the plus sign.
  • If you want to delete columns or rows, select the unnecessary item and click on the bin icon.

How to undo changes

Click on the arrow in the right corner of the page or press Ctrl/Cmd + Z.


Settings and actions with tables

In tables, you can change the position of columns and rows.

How to move rows and columns

Drag them with the mouse to the desired place.


Tables have several preset styles that change the appearance. You can also customize the background and the color of the text individually.

How to change the style

Click on the tick in the corner of the table, then the action panel will be opened. Select the appropriate style.

How to change the color of cells and the text

To change the color of a row or a column, click on it. Then select a color from the palette.

To change the text color in a particular cell, select it and click the Color button.

If you want to select a text color for the row or a column, click on the row or the column, select the items and then click the Color button.

You can also copy and delete tables.

Select the entire table by clicking on the tick, then select the desired action.

You can paste the copied table into another block. Select the desired location, and then click the last icon in the Actions panel.

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