Add YouTube videos and Shorts to a site

In Bitrix24.Sites, you can use the content from different sources. Add both long-form videos and Shorts from YouTube. Now you can adjust the proportions of your YouTube Shorts videos, make them vertical or horizontal. Also, you can change the aspect ratio and the scale for your videos.

How to add a YouTube video

Open the needed video on YouTube and copy its URL address.

Add a block with a video on your website.

Click Edit to open the block settings.

Insert the copied URL address into the Video field. You can also configure some additional video parameters. Don't forget to save the changes.

How to add a YouTube Short and change its orientation

You can add a YouTube Short to your website in the same way as a regular video.

To adjust its proportions, click Design. Then click on the video and select Vertical, 9:16 to show the video the way it is on YouTube. In addition, you can change the scale.

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