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Sales documents are an indispensable part of any company's work. Depending on the type of business, their number can be large.

With the help of Bitrix24, you will simplify and speed up the paperwork process. Create documents based on deals, fill them out on a template, print them out, and share them with customers in one click.

CRM documents are available only on commercial plans. Learn more on the pricing page.
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Create a document

To generate a sales document, follow these steps:

  • Open a CRM entity form.

  • In the upper-right corner, click the Document button.

  • Select a document template from the drop-down list or add a new one.

There are four pre-installed templates for the UK. Use them to create Invoices, Quotes, Order confirmations, or Packing sheets. Get other templates from our library or upload the custom ones. For more details about document templates, click here.

The PDF preview is generated automatically. Ensure that all the data is correct. You can change it by clicking the Edit Document button.

If the file has multiple pages, you can switch between them. To enlarge the text, zoom in on the document.

Save and print a document

To save the document on your computer, click Download, and then select PDF or DOCX format.

You can also print the document.

Send a document to a client

To share sales documents with your clients, use one of the options:

  • Copy the link to your document and send it to the client. The document will be available for downloading or printing in PDF format.

  • To send CRM documents directly from the preview form, connect communication channels in the Contact Center.

    For more information, see Contact Center.

    If you already have one of the communication channels connected, you will see its availability in the Send to customers section. For example, if you only have integrated webmail, you can select it from the list. The other options will remain inactive.

    To change the icon position or hide some of them, click the gear in the top right.

  • You can also sign the document and send it to your counterparty for signature.

    For more information, see Bitrix24.Sign overview.

Create a document

Open a CRM entity form > tap + in the bottom right corner > select Create document.

Select a needed template from the list to generate a document.

View created documents in CRM entity form

Open a CRM entity form > tap the three dots button > select Documents.

Select a document from the list to view it.

Edit a document

Open a document in CRM entity form. In preview mode, you can read and edit it. Tap the pencil icon in the bottom menu, make changes, then tap Save.

If you have different companies in your Bitrix24 account, you can select the needed one from the list.

Send a document to a client

Open a document in CRM entity form and tap Send. Use one of the available options to share it with your client.

In addition, you can download the document to your phone in DOCX or PDF format or print it.

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