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Lead is a potential customer. If a person calls you and asks about a product or a service, you can save the contact in your CRM as a lead. This way you won't lose information about the contact and will increase your customer base.

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Employees with access permissions can add leads to the CRM. Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

You can add a lead in the CRM section. Open the Leads tab and click the Create button.

You can also create a quick lead. Click on the + button.

Leads can be obtained automatically from CRM forms, email, open channels, telephony and third-party applications.

Specify the lead name in the About lead section. It can be the customer or the service name. In the Customer field you can select a contact or a company, then the lead automatically becomes a repeat lead.

Read more information in the article: Repeat leads and deals.

If this is the first time a customer has contacted you, enter the information in the Contact name, Phone, and Email fields.

Specify the source, select the responsible person and the observers in the Additional info section. The Available to everyone option allows other employees to work with leads.

Read more information in the article: Statuses and dropdowns.

Add products or services the customer is interested in to the Products section.

You can also add a new section and make changes to the entity form.

Read more information in the article: CRM entity form.

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  • To create a lead, open the Bitrix24 mobile app, click Menu > CRM > the + button.

    Select Lead and the lead creation form will open. Specify the lead name and fill in the basic information about the customer in the Details tab.

    Add the phone number, select the responsible person and the product. Once you have entered all the data, click Create.

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