Work with lead in CRM

A lead is one of the basic elements of CRM. It is a potential client for your products or services.

In the b2b market, leads are customers with whom your employees have just arranged a first meeting, but they have not sent a commercial offer or made a presentation.
In the b2c market, customers who have called your company can be considered as a lead.

Leads are important for companies that work with a large number of customers. If you actively advertise, set up KPIs for the quantity and quality of customers you attract, calculate conversion rates, and several departments work with customers at once, then you need leads.

Check if leads are available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

We have provided two modes of CRM:

  • Simple - this mode is suitable for small sales departments. There are no leads, only deals and contacts.
  • Classic - there are leads, deals and contacts in this mode.
Read more in the article CRM modes: simple and classic.

Leads in Bitrix24

The lead is placed at a certain kanban stage which indicates a stage of work with the customer. You can decide which stages you need.

Read more about stages in the article Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM.

A lead has a form. It contains fields where you can write any information: company name, contact information, meeting place, and so on.

Read more about CRM elements form.

You can restrict access permissions to the leads.

Read more about Access Permissions in CRM.

When a customer becomes real, it's time to convert the lead into a deal.

Read more in the article Convert leads.

How to create leads

There are several ways to create leads:

  • Manually. This method is suitable if the customer came to your office or you were given the customer's contacts.
  • With integrations. Several social networks can be connected to Bitrix24 to receive messages and customer contacts.
  • Read more in the article Contact Center.
  • From mail or telephony. Connect your telephony or rent a number directly in Bitrix24.
  • From a chat or CRM form. Install a widget on your website, connect online chat and CRM forms to it, and communicate with customers online.
  • Using import. If you already have a customer database, upload it to the CRM.
Read more in the article Import to Bitrix24 CRM.

Reports and analytics

It is important not only to sell a lot, but also to analyze sales. In the CRM analytics section you will get full information about employees sales amount, the sources customers learn about you and what products they buy most often.

Read more in the article CRM Analytics.
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