Old version of invoices

When you've successfully closed a deal, you need to create an invoice.

Invoice statuses

Invoices in Bitrix24 can be in different statuses. For example, when you've created an invoice, it has the "New" status. When you've sent it to a client, it has the "Sent to customer" status. There are two final statuses: "Paid" and "Unpaid".

You can configure invoice statuses in CRM section > Settings > Start point > Statuses and Dropdowns > Invoice statuses.

Read more about statuses and dropdowns in the article - Statuses and dropdowns (selection lists).

List view, kanban and reports view

Open CRM section > Invoices > List to view a list of invoices.

Also, you can use the Kanban view.

Read more about Kanban view in the article - Kanban View In Bitrix24 CRM.

To switch to the Reports view, you need to go to the CRM Analytics > My reports > Invoices.

Read about reports in the article - Invoice analytical reports (dashboards).

Available actions

Open the actions menu to view, edit, copy, delete the invoice.

Click the cogwheel button to export invoices and access recurring invoice templates.

Read more in these articles - Export CRM data and Recurring Invoices.

To create a new invoice, click the Create invoice button.

You can read about all the ways to create an invoice in the article - How to create an invoice.
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