How to use header tags

h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5 tags are used for structuring your page. Using these tags helps search engines to "understand" what the webpage is about, which can influence your rankings.

h1 header is the most important one. Usually, it contains the main topic of the webpage.

In Bitrix24.Sites, blocks' headers are tagged by default, but there is no h1 tag. You need to add it manually. We strongly recommend using only one h1 tag per webpage.

How to add an h1 tag

You can select a tag for each block with a text header. Click on the block header and select h1 tag.

h1 tag doesn't affect the appearance of the block, it's used for structuring the webpage.


  • We strongly recommend using only one h1 tag per webpage.

  • h1 tag should contain text only.

  • Add keywords to h1 tag to rank your webpage higher in search results. Remember, that it shouldn't be just keywords separated by commas, but it should be a readable text.

  • The h1 tag should not be the same as the webpage title. Don't copy the page title when adding the h1 tag.
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