Add a new company to CRM

A Company is a CRM object holding data and the history of interaction with a client (or partner) company. A company is generally a large record in the CRM since it can contain several contacts and deals, and their histories.

How to add a new company

There are several ways to add a new company to Bitrix24 CRM:

  • Add button in the CRM > Companies section:
  • Client field in a new deal or lead form.
    Read more in the article - CRM elements form.

Also, you can add new companies by using CRM web forms or you can import companies.

Read more in the articles - CRM web forms and Import to Bitrix24 CRM.

New company form

By default, it's enough to specify the Company name to add a new company.

In the About company block, you can select a company type, industry and specify the annual revenue of the company.

Also, you can specify the company phone number, email address, website and messengers.

To bind a contact with a company, select a contact or create a new one in the corresponding field.

Read more about how it works in the article - "Client" field in lead/deal forms.

The next step is adding company details. Click Add to add VAT ID, legal address, banking details, etc.

Read more in the article - Contact or company details templates.

"More" section

You can specify the additional information in the More section: how many employees work in this company and a comment.

Enable the Available to everyone option to allow everyone viewing and editing this company.

Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.
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