Add a new company to CRM

There are several ways to create a company in Bitrix24.

Employees with appropriate permissions in CRM can add companies. Read more in the article Access Permissions in CRM.
  • The company can be added as an independent element. This method is suitable if a potential client comes to your office and you need to save the data. Click Add on the CRM page > Customers > Companies.
  • You can also create a company in the lead/deal form. Fill in the Customer field in the entity form and save it.
Read more in the article CRM entity form.
  • You can also create a company in a contact form. For example, you work with a customer as an individual, and then he calls and says that he now represents a company. In order not to lose the connection between the customer and the company, you can create a company in the Company field in the existing entity form.
  • Use import if you have a large database and want to quickly transfer it to the CRM.
  • You can also get the company information using a CRM form.
Read more in the articles: Import companies details and CRM forms

How to fill out the form

By default, all you need to create a company is to fill in its name.

In the same section, enter information about the company type, industry and annual revenue.

Specify the contact information - phone, e-mail, website, messengers.

In the Contact field, fill in the company details. There may be more than one contact for the company.

Read more in the articles:Multiple connections between companies & contacts and "Client" field in lead/deal forms.

Next, add the address. It can be selected from the list or on the map.

After filling out the basic information, the next step is the company details.

In the Details field, you can add full company name, VAT ID, bank details and other data. Later you will be able to use the entered details to create a payment document or a contract for services.

Read more in the articles: Updates in working with addresses and contact/company details in CRM and Contact or company details templates.

Additional Information

In the More section, indicate the number of employees and leave a comment, if required.

The Available to anyone option allows other employees to work with the company.

Read more in the article Access Permissions in CRM.

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