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Auto publish and preview options and site navigation

We have made several changes to Bitrix24.Sites.

Now you can:

  • create new pages and make changes to existing pages faster

  • distribute pages into folders of different levels

  • save block templates

Auto publish option

This important change will simplify your work with sites. Now, if you enable Auto publish option, all changes will appear on the site immediately. You will not lose your changes if you forget to save them or close a browser tab.

Auto publish option is useful if you are creating a new site and trying different designs. You no longer need to publish the site every time to evaluate the changes.

You can disable auto publish option at the top of the page.

In some cases, the option should be disabled. For example, if you have planned changes that you will make in several stages, or if you are in the middle of an advertising campaign that attracts a large number of visitors to the site.

Site preview

Click on the Preview button to open the published version of the site on a mobile device, in a new tab or by the link.

Site navigation

In the navigation window, you can see the site structure. You can find a page by name in the search bar. The current page is marked with a blue colour.

Site features

Click on the Site features button to see all settings and tools for communication with customers.

The information in this window can be divided into four blocks:

  • CRM form orders - you can go to the settings of the CRM form, which is located on this page. If there is no form, it will be automatically created at the end of the page.
  • Customer communication - you can configure the widget, which is connected to the site.
If you want to know more about the forms and the widget, click on the links in the blocks.
  • Need help? - fill out the form to contact the partners. They will help you to create a website and implement Bitrix24.
  • Gear icon - click on it to change the settings and design of the sites.

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