CRM form settings

Creating fields in a form

You can create fields inside the form. Go to the Fields tab, click add field.

Select an entity and click Create Field.

Select the desired field type, specify the name and other properties.

Read more in the article Custom fields in CRM.

Fields finding

A search bar has appeared in the form designer. Go to the Fields section and click Add Field.

CRM elements that have a field with this name will appear in the left part of the window.

Hints in the form fields

Hints help to fill out the form fields correctly. They are similar to the comments below the field and come in two types:

  • Static. They are always displayed.
  • Dynamic. They are visible when the client clicks on the field.

You can turn hints on in the field settings.

Post-submit action

You can configure the action that will happen after the customer submit the form:

  • Message

This script is suitable when you want to thank a customer for filling out a form.

You can see the message and edit the text.

  • Redirect

This option is suitable if you want to redirect the customer to another page, such as a social networking group or a page with delivery information. Specify the link to go to and the pause time.

  • Submit again

This is a new script. After each submission, the form will open again. This option is suitable if customers register themselves for an offline event at the registration desk.

In this scenario, do not forget to turn off autofill fields.

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