New counters of activities

Bitrix24 counters are needed for users to remember about customers: make calls, send an email or an invoice.

We are constantly working on improving our product. This time we have changed the counters for you to know which customer you need to contact today.

Read more information in the article: Proactive CRM.

How the counters have changed

CRM doesn't focus on the lack of activities in a lead or deal, but on the planned activities that should be done in the near future. So there is no longer a Without activities counter. But for those who still want to keep track of leads and deals without activities, there is a Without activities column in the Activities view.

Read more information in the article: Activities view in Deals and Leads.

Now there are two types of counters: Inbound and Planned.

We have also changed the algorithm for counting activities in leads and deals. We count the responsible person for the CRM entity in the counters, not the responsible person for the activity.

Read more information in the article: New way of counting and displaying activities in CRM.

We have added a new option - counters of other employees. To select one of the counters, click More.

Counter work

Planned activities counter

CRM entities that are overdue, or that have a deadline for the activities today, go into the Planned counters category.

If the deadline has passed, the activity does not become overdue immediately. The counter will continue to glow red, but in the Activities view, the case will continue to be in the Today column until tomorrow (00:00).

Let's say you have an appointment with a customer for a test drive at 3:00 p.m. At 2:55 p.m. you meet the customer and go to test the car. You do your work at the time specified in the file, everything goes according to the plan. When you go back to the computer, your activity will not be considered overdue, as it would have been before. It will remain active, but with a red counter so you don't forget and have time to complete it.

Inbound counter

This counter is needed to show the user that there are unprocessed incoming activities. Such as an incoming or missed call, or a chat with a customer.

Read more information in the article: New logic for call processing in CRM and New logic for open channel processing in CRM.

Other employees counters

This counter is available to users who have access to the CRM entities of other employees.

You can configure the access permissions in CRM. Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

For example, you manage a sales department, and you need to know whether there are any unprocessed appeals from clients, how many activities your colleagues need to handle today, or how many activities they have already overdue. Thus, you are always aware of the amount of work in your department and can influence the speed of work and results.

Counter colors

  • Green — missed and incoming calls, messages, emails.

  • Red — planned activities: overdue and activities for today.

Counters are gray when there is no need in the user's attention right now.

  • Non-zero gray counter — activities in the leads/deals of other employees.
  • Gray zero counter with a dot — activities in the leads/deals, the deadline for which has not yet come.
  • Gray zero counter — leads/deals without activities.
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