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CRM web forms configuration


To start with CRM web forms, go to CRM > CRM Forms & click Add New Form:

Each web form in the list has own quick actions tabs:

  • form public link
  • embed code 
  • edit form
  • disable\enable form

How To Configure A New Form

Main form settings:

  • Name your form - the form name is an internal system name that your clients won't see. 
  • Add form title & form description - conversely, this will be shown to your clients. 
  • Add fields to the form: you can add lead, contact, company, deal, quote or invoice default & custom fields to the form with the help of right-side menu. Click "+" to unroll fields available for each CRM entity. If you need to add a new custom field to lead, contact, etc. please go to CRM > Settings > Form & Report Settings > Custom fields.
  • Add products (services) to your form - if you'd like your clients to choose products they are interested in or to be redirected to online payment page (Paypal), then add product list to your form. Don't forget to rename the product list - this name will be shown to your clients - e.g. "Choose product". Click on Settings icon next to product list field to configure: sel ect products to add them to the form. You can make this field required if needed. 

Form Design

Check form design tools such as sections, separators, line breaks, background & text colors. The Send tab can be renamed as well.

Form theme & custom background image can be configured under "More" options. You can disable Powered By Bitrix24 signature here as well (for commercial plan subscribers only).

You can use custom CSS styles as well.

Configure CRM entities that will be created after the form is filled

One of the most important settings blocks for your web forms is below: here you can choose what type of CRM record will be created from the filled web form - lead, client, deal or quote. Online web form payment option is configured in this block too - turn on Create Invoice option. 

If you choose to create lead & an invoice - an invoice configuration menu will show up. If you'd like to connect your Paypal account & receive payment from your clients via this fr om, activate Forward to payment page after this form is completed option. Paypal can be configured under Settings > Payment options > Payment system > Paypal. 

Add Rules

Configure Field Rules: you can create one or several rules for your form's fields. For example, if your client chooses particular product he\she can be complimented with another product. Another example, if client chooses particular product he\she is shown additional field to fill. Rules can be used either to show or hide additional form fields.


Add your Google Analytics ID. In this case events & goals will be auto registered.

Terms Of Service

Activate Terms of service option & create new consent. You can also activate Auto Accept The Agreement, which sets the initial option state to checked.

You can always edit the consent form later:

Post-submit Action

Add form submission success and failure messages or set url to be redirected to:

Spam Protection

Enable Spam Protection option which ads reCAPTCHA to the form.


Activate callback option in case you'd like your sales agents to callback clients who have just filled the form. 

Bitrix24 CRM will automatically dial client who has just filled the form & responsible manager will see the callback widget:

When the form is ready you need to save it & activate on the web forms page. Use public link to share the form with your clients.

Below you'll find an example of web form public link:

You client can fill in such form quickly & click Send:

If you have Create Invoice option configured with PayPal, your client will see the invoice with PayPal tab:

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