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CRM Feed Overview

Bitrix24 CRM has a Feed of its own. It presents information about work that has been recently carried out with each CRM element in chronological order.

How it works

By default, My mode is activated. It means that you'll see activities or messages you have created, or those being addressed to you, and those where you are set as responsible.

Switch to All mode to view all activities and messages.

Use the Filter to search activities and messages by Author or Date.

You can view five Current Activities in the corresponding section on the right.

You can complete an activity by ticking it in the list.

You can create new activities in one click in the CRM Stream. Just click Message, Task, Meeting, Call or Email.

Read more about Activities in the article - CRM Activities.

Click Send message to add a comment about a contact, company, deal or lead to CRM Feed. You also need to select users that will get this message.

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