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What's new? August 2020


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Bitrix24 Drive

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General questions


  • Migration between various Bitrix24 zones - data migration requires having a commercial subscription. Free accounts are not eligible for data migration, except extraordinary situations, such as recently passed local data migration laws that weren't in effect when the account was registered

Bitrix24 On-Premise

  • Migration to Bitrix24 On-Premise - backing-up your Cloud project and migrating it to the Self-hosted version is free of charge and can be performed only once for 1 Cloud account/1 commercial license key of Self-hosted version. All the following backups can be purchased for $549.00 each

Chats and Calls

Time and Reports

  • Time management - you can also add events to your calendar in the Daily Plan section. If you enable the out of office option, the event will be added to the calendar with a mark saying that you're not in the office. This information will be seen by your colleagues and they won't schedule any meetings with your participation for this time

Mobile app

Contact Center


Open Channels

  • Open Channel Settings - each type of communication channel can be connected to only one Open channel. For example, if you have two Telegram channels, you need to have a separate Open channel for each of these Telegram channels
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